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PS477/577: International Environmental Politics

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IMPORTANT: Assignment Pack

Important Course Links

  • ALL Assignments for the term are contained in the FULL Assignment Pack (via Link above). Make sure to download the whole thing and read it carefully. For the final paper, in particular, read:
    • Treaty Assignment Overview
    • Final Paper Assignment
    • More thoughts to help you in developing your final paper
    • Structuring Your Paper
    • Checklist for your Paper
    • References and Citations
  • Agreements that are appropriate to use for the final paper are listed on the Approved Cases Links page. Peruse these early and pick agreements for which the data seems readily easy to use.
  • I have placed many books on the effectiveness of environmental treaties on reserve.  Not all treaties are covered, but you should go to Knight Library and check out the books I have put on reserve and look at the Table of Contents to find chapters that may help you in research on the treaty you choose. Better yet, look thru these books early in the term and let that guide what treaty you select.
  • Two examples of excellent final papers from previous years are linked here: Example 1 and Example 2. Read these papers to get an idea of what is possible and how to structure your paper, use graphs, do citations, and generally write a great paper.

Discussion Papers and Other Items