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PS477/577 Lecture notes: Suggested Uses and Caveat

  • All lectures are copyright of Ronald Mitchell
  • Provided as a service to students to facilitate note-taking during class.  They are not a substitute for class attendance. I produce these for my own use and they may have inaccuracies, for which, my apologies. If you miss a lecture, you may want to see if you can find my video of the corresponding lecture at my Youtube website
  • They do not provide complete coverage of topics discussed in class and may have little relationship to the content of a lecture. They currently follow the planned schedule for the course but may not correspond exactly to scheduled lecture dates. Download notes as they become available, print them out double-spaced and annotate them during lecture.



Week Date Lecture - Powerpoint
1 Tuesday Lecture 1: Introduction
1 Thursday Lecture 2: Types of Intl Envl Problems
2 Tuesday Lecture 3: Causality
2 Thursday Lecture 4: Economic and Legal Perspectives and the Tragedy of the Commons
3 Tuesday Lecture 5: Ecophilosopical and Political Perspectives
3 Thursday Lecture 6: Scientific Perspectives and Sustainability science
4 Tuesday Lecture 7: Science and problem identification - Guest Lecture by Prof. Jennifer Hadden, University of Maryland
5 Tuesday Lecture 9: Negotiation Practice + some Final Paper Ideas
5 Thursday Lecture 10: Guest Lecture by Prof. Jessica Green, University of Toronto
6 Tuesday Lecture 11: Compliance
6 Thursday Lecture 12: Writing a good research paper
7 Tuesday Lecture 13: Relative Effectiveness
7 Thursday Lecture 14: Free Trade and the Environment
8 Tuesday Lecture 15: Sustainable development
8 Thursday Lecture 16: Environmental security
9 Tuesday Lecture 17: Climate Change (1 lecture over 2 days)
9 Tuesday Happy Thanksgiving
10 Tuesday Lecture 19: Climate Change (Part 2 of lecture from week 9 Tuesday)