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Using Indexed Article Databases at U of Oregon

Charlie Carpenter (a new first year grad student) was kind enough to write up the following guidelines on how to run searches on and email cites from five of the main article indexes available in Janus, as well as hints on which are easiest to use. Save these instructions for future use. (A truncation character is the character you use to get all the articles on whales, whaling and whalers by doing a single search for whal* or whal+).

Expanded Article Index (Infotrac)
truncation character: *
to email: tag various articles, then click on SHOW. A list of tagged articles will appear, as will an email prompt. Click to email.
In EAI, each tagged article will appear as a separate email post.

UnCover (CarlWeb)
truncation character *
to email: you cannot tag articles and group them. This means you have to email each specific article separately. It is a PAIN! But, a lot of articles came up on UnCover that didn't come up on other indexes.

The following indexes are all on the First Search database, which means they operate in roughly the same manner.
Article First (First Search)
truncation character +
to email: tag articles, click "SHOW", then click email prompt. In Article First, the different articles will all appear in the same single email post. This is very helpful!

PAIS (First Search) and Econlit (First Search)
All the same information applies as to Article First.
These two indexes didn't really bring up anything that the others didn't have.