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Tips for Converting a Thesis into a Book

These are just a few sources, generously identified by Lada Kochtcheeva Dunbar, who graduated from U of O and now (Fall 2006) teaches at the University of Michigan - Dearborn.  These are her suggestions based on her own experience as she converts her thesis into a book. 

1. The art of writing for publication / Kenneth T. Henson

2. Getting it published : a guide for scholars and anyone else serious about serious books / William Germano

3. A writer's guide to book publishing / by Richard Balkin, with two chapters by Jared Carter

4. The Thesis and the Book , Eleanor Harman and Ian Montagnes, eds.

5. Richard Lanham, Revising Prose , 3rd edition.

6. Robin Derricourt, An Author's Guide to Scholarly Publishing.