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PS205 Lecture notes

These lecture notes are provided as a service to students in the class to facilitate note-taking during class. Sometimes, although I hope rarely, you will find errors in my notes. These are lecture notes that I produce for my own use. I do not edit them to ensure they are completely appropriate and accurate for student usage although they usually are.

All lecture notes are copyright of Ronald Mitchell. 

Lecture notes will usually be posted at the beginning of the week for that week's lecture.

Caveats and suggested usage for these notes


  • They are not a substitute for class attendance.
  • They do not provide complete coverage of the topics that will be discussed during any given lecture and may have very little relationship to the content of a lecture.
  • They currently follow the planned schedule for the course but, they may not correspond exactly to the scheduled lecture dates. Attending class will be crucial both to knowing what was covered in lectures and in what sequence.
  • Download notes for all classes as they become available.
  • Print them out double-spaced or with a wide right-hand margin so there will be room for making annotations and additions during lecture.
  • Put them in a three ring binder with additional pages at each lecture for notes beyond those on the lectures themselves.